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LyricKun is a site that provides lyric content from anime and JPOP with Translation, a music player that supports lyrics, and the file.

The lyrics here are taken from several sources and made a few changes (if necessary).

Translation of lyrics is written with the help of Google Translations and corrected by listening to songs from singers or searching for information or reposting. Sorry if there was an error in the translation because I translated with still basic knowledge.

The .lrc file is created and synchronized by the Admin.

Because it lists the sources for each post make me lazy, I just list the web that is often a reference, which are they:
- Lyrical-Nonsense
- Animesonglyrics
- Animelyrics
- Daisukiiijapan
- Kazelyrics

If you feel you have content used here please contact the admin on the contact page.

Quite a lot of the translated lyrics here are copied or reposting from other webs. Because, if it's already there for what is made again: v.

You may request the lyrics of your favorite song on the Request Page, and Contact. You can also send criticisms and suggestions on the contact page.